How to Celebrate an AWESOME Republic Day Kitty Party?

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Republic Day honors the date on which the Constitution of India came into effect on 26 January 1950 replacing the Government of India Act as the governing document of India.

Do you want to know how I celebrated my AWESOME REPUBLIC DAY KITTY PARTY?

Here you go!

Striking Ideas to Jazz Up the Republic Day Spirit and Props for that!!


Decorations can be done using different kinds of items like balloons, paper, flowers, dry colours or wet paints. The color scheme for Republic Day is – green, saffron and white put together in beautiful harmonious ways.

Set the Dress Code

As the day marks our salute to a free India with its own constitution, keeping a ‘Tricolour’ dress code will add the magical patriotic touch to the entire Republic Day Celebration.

The Food

The tricolour theme can be incorporated even in food like having a tirangi barfi, tricolour sandwiches or a tiranga dhokla. Depending on the kind of party, you could even explore options for a fruit tart or ice cream cocktails in multi-colour. A ‘baraf ka gola’ competition with the tricolour could also be a fun way to engage the audience.

The Stage

Since stage forms an integral part, not only should it be decorated prominently, it should also have a captivating backdrop in the tricolour theme. An abstract tricolour painting or an art decal could suffice the purpose of a backdrop for a small event. Danglers and other hanging decorations could be added to the stage to add to the attraction.


Who are not interested for a photo shoot during special events!!national-theme-props

Everyone wants to click photos on events.

So here were back with the national theme props which provide different props for photoshoot and as well as for the decoration purpose!!

What are you still thinking just get your order placed and enjoy the Republic Day!!

These are 7 lazer cut props made of thick paper sheet 13”/19”.

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Themed Decorations

The whole space for the event can be decorated in the tricolour theme by using tricolour stuff. This will fuel the feelings of patriotism in the entire audience. These decorations can include:

  • Tricolour ribbons, snowflakes, paper flowers and balloons.
  • Tricolour LED lights will be an eco-friendly way to light up the decorations in fashion and style.
  • Planters painted in the tricolour theme can be added to the place. This will enhance the ambiance and simultaneously add fresh greenery to the environment.
  • Hand-crafted danglers, wind chimes, etc. can make an added impact to grace the occasion.


The Music

Make sure to arrange for patriotic songs including National Anthem and ‘Vande Matram’ song. You could also add a dance performance and a solo song to grace the occasion.



Envelope sticker for gift favours.
“Incredible” as the names suggest our country is best suited for this word.

These are very economical sticker made for envelope for gift favours to conveniently compliment to your theme party

Hope you have a great time with these stickers!!

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Engage the Audience

For this special day celebrations, you could make the audience put their handprints or thumb impressions to make the tricolour background of the event. You could plan some contests around the tricolour theme, like selfie contest or the tattoo contest. This will make them feel extremely happy about their minimal contribution to such a significant aspect of the event, the stage.


Have you ever imagined a festival or any kind of celebration without games and fun??

Most of your answer will be a big NO, right?

So, the wait is over let’s quickly get back to the games section!!


Bharat Darshan Tambola


India is a place where here are Hindus, Muslims, Sikkim’s, Christians, and many more religious staying here together without any kind of caste discrimination.

As there are lots of religious people staying here for sure there will be lots of beautiful places present here.

India is the only place where you can see all kind of temples, celebrations, enjoyed in a very good manner.

Keeping everything in mind we are here with a beautiful game named “Bharat Darshan”.

How to play:
This is a word tambola where words are given instead of numbers.
This tambola is divided in four categories:

God and Goddess
Caste and religion

With 25 words for each category
A sheet of paper is given with the tambola pack with all words written.
The host had to shout the words randomly from the sheet.
The players call out as 4 words of the category are cut.
Happy Bharat Darshan (shout out when all words are cut)



Count the National Symbola of India Game

May be its Republic Day or Independence Day we are celebrating we do host a flag every time and how can we forget our Ashoka chakra in the middle of the flag!!

So here’s a game named “Count the national symbol of India game”
Objective of the games :-
Given in the game sheet are —— National symbol of India in a Random Number .
The players have to count the symbols and write the number in the space given below.
How to play:
1. Each player is presented a game sheet .
2. Whosoever writes the maximum correct answers in the limited time ( 1-2 min ) is the winner

3.Timer needs to be set before the game starts, enjoyment and fun of this game increases if there are judges and people willing to play game.

4.It’s very simple and easy game where household women or ladies can also participate.

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National Festivals are occasions on which we are proud of us being Indian. Be Creative brings you the Incredible India Tambola.

You can play this on Republic Day, Independence Day and other national holidays and festivals. It will be played in a normal housie manner.

The call outs are written on the ticket itself. The players have to shout out the corresponding phrases when that group of numbers is cut. They have to shout out the festival’s name when the house is completed.

Celebrate this proud moment with your friends and take an oath to become responsible citizen of INDIA.
How to play:
1. The tambola has 3 components with 5 numbers on each.
2. Shout out for each component (when all 5 numbers are cut) are given on the ticket
3. Incredible India (shout out when all numbers on the ticket are cut)
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Another important part during celebrating national festivals are our Freedom fighters like Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Gandhiji, APJ Abdul Kalam, Bhagat Singh, Jhansi Ki Rani how can anyone forget these great names.

So be creative here is again back with a beautiful game dedicated for our freedom fighters.

Just have a look into it and have a great time playing the game!!
Objective of the game:
1. Given in the game sheet are images of 15 freedom Fighters.
2. The names of these freedom fighter are given in a sticker sheet, one for each player in a random order.
3. The players have to stick the correct name sticker on the images.
How to play:
1. Present a game sheet and answer sticker sheet to all the participants.

2.Start the timer as soon as all the participants are ready.
3. Whosoever sticks the correct answer in a limited time (1-2 min as decided by the host) is the winner.
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Match the Slogans with Freedom Fighter game

There are lots of great slogans said by our great leaders and freedom fighters.

What can be the great to remember those slogans rather than during Republic Day, or Independence Day.

So here we are back with the game of slogans which is knowledge based fun game where kids and adults can enjoy the most!!

Match the Slogan with Freedom Fighter
Objective of the game:
1. This game consists of 12 slogans given by famous National leaders at the time of freedom.
2. The players have to match the slogans with the National leader
How to play:
1. Present the paper sheet to the players
2. Whosoever makes the correct match will be declared as the winner.





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