3 in 1 Holi Tambola


This is an economical product by Be Creative.
It serves as a theme tambola for Holi theme kitty parties and get together.

For the Host:

  1. Ask each player to write their phone numbers and full name on the empty spaces.
  2. A sheet with number digits , colors and alphabets is given along the tambola.
  3. The host has to call out the digits, the colors and the alphabets to play the tambola. A game is completed when a player cuts all the components of the ticket.


How to Play:

  1. The host will be given a component sheet will all the numbers, colors and alphabets written on it.
  2. The players need to cut their names, numbers and the colors written on the ticket.

Shout out ‘Happy Holi’ when the game is completed.



Additional information

Number of Tickets.

100, 25, 50


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