Badhai Ho Dice Activity Game


Badhai Ho Dice Activity Game

Objective of the game
1. Given in the game are one small plastic dice , a big MDF dice with 21 theme block pictures pasted on it and 21 theme picture block .
2. The player have to place the blocks on the theme block dice with the shuffling of the plastic dice .
How to play :
1. Call the players one by one.
2. Ask them to shuffle the dice and turn the MDF dice on to the position which the plastic dice shows
Eg : if the plastic dice shows 4
Thrn the MDF dice should be turned to the position which has 4 pictures
3. Now the play has to place same 4 block pictures as the MDF dice shows .
4 This goes on for a minute.
5. The host gives 2 mark to the pic which leads to Badai ho momments and 1 mark to the picture which restrict the Badai ho !
5. This way score is calculated for all players
6. Whosoever has the maximum score is the winner.
Also look for more product like games , tambola, props and envelope stickers on this theme .
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