Holi 2 in 1 Tambola & Game


The Holi 2 in 1 (Rang Barse) Tambola & Game is a latest game designed for this Holi season. Play this game in Holi parties, holi kitties etc. It serves as a normal tambola (bingo) and an additional game also.


The Tambola will be played in a normal housie manner. However the call outs are interesting.

  1. Pichkari Hai- Shout when numbers on the Pichkari are cut.
  2. Gubbare Hai- Shout when numbers on the balloons are cut.
  3. Balti Hai- Shout when numbers on the bucket are cut.
  4. Gulaal Hai- Shout when numbers on the gulaal are cut.
  5. Rang Barse- Shout when all the numbers are cut.


The ticket is full of pictures of Bollywood Holi songs. The objective of the game is to guess the name of the song. The players will be given a paper with the game ticket to write the name of the songs on it. Whosoever writes the maximum number of songs in a limited amount time (say 30 seconds), wins the game.



Additional information

Number of Tickets.

40, 60, 24, 80, 100, 16, 32, 92


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