Theme Games are the heart and soul of any theme party. Be it a kitty party, a wedding celebration, a birthday bash or any other spectacular event, theme party games are the need of the hour today. After understanding the needs and wants of our customers today, Be Creative has come up with a whole new range of theme games. They consist of kitty games that are totally different from the conventional ones.

Started in 2012, with a simple idea of making the conventional kitty parties a lot more fun than they were, Be Creative has now taken on the challenge of revolutionizing the paper game and tambola industry by introducing  theme games for every occasion. From a rainy day to a bhaat ceremony, 50th anniversary to the first birthday, filmy theme to a rajasthani theme, we will cater to all of your needs. This new concept has been accepted very positively by the customers. This is why our team which consists of graphic designers and marketers work hard every day to make your theme party totally different.

The theme and kitty party games that we know of today are just a fraction of party games present in our imaginations. We can’t even fathom the amount of theme games, paper games, one minute games, tambola games, party props etc.  waiting to get out of our creative heads. We always think that kitty party themes are something which can be very hard to think of and execute. But what we fail to understand is that each and every idea can be converted into a theme. Whether it is a kite day or a poker day, Baisakhi or Eid, shopping or sangeet, every occasion is a theme party in itself. We just need to focus on the essence of the same, seize the moment and it automatically becomes an event to celebrate differently.

The basic structure of a theme tambola ticket is almost the same as the traditional one, so there will be absolutely no problem in playing the theme game. In fact, we have moulded one or two things in almost every game so that they are more fun to play. The theme tambolas come in packs of 20, 24, 30, 40, 50, 60, 75, 90 etc. depending on a particular game. A traditional housie board can be easily used to play the game. As for other games are concerned, the instructions to play will always be present on the back side of the game. There are a variety of games which can come together and make up exciting kitty party themes. All in all, if you want your theme party to be fun and exciting, there’s no extra pain you have to go through. Just open your phone or computer, come up to Be Creative, select your games, tambolas and props and voila!!! The perfect mixture of games will be on your doorstep in no time. You can also contact us directly on the phone numbers and email address given above. So wait no more, and order your favourite theme games and props from Be Creative and prepare your guests for a mind-blowing party.


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