Bold and Beautiful Prop Activity Game


The enclosed Bold and Beautiful Game is a new product by Be Creative. It can be played in bold and beautiful theme kitty party, all-ladies kitty and couples get-together.

Material Enclosed:-

20 different laser cut props.

20 paper sheets.

20 prop chits.


To write maximum sentences taking clue from a prop and a relation given by the host.

How to Play:-

  1. Hang the props on the wall of the kitty room.
  2. Give each player a paper and prop chit folded.
  3. One prop should be assigned to each player and relation should be given to them by the host, like of a father or of a brother.
  4. The participants have to form as many sentences as they can with the relation and the given prop.
  5. Later, they have to cat walk with the prop and say their sentences out loud.
  6. The player who makes the maximum sentences in the given time, wins.



Here are some images of our customers using a few party props in a bollywood theme party. Add some of our props in your cart, because it’s always fun to pose for photographs.



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