Bold and Beautiful Tambola


The Product:-

The Bold and Beautiful Tambola is a new game by Be Creative which contains 20 pieces of tickets. It can be played in Bold and Beautiful theme kitty party and all-ladies kitty and couple get-together. This Tambola can also be used to play Bold and Beautiful game which is totally different.


  1. Below, you will see pictures of several bold and beautiful women. A number and an amount in rupees is assigned to each one of them.
  2. The host should take out Rs. 1000 or so, (preferably change) to give out to the participants.

How To Play:-

  1. The host should call out numbers like in a normal housie.
  2. If, like number 15 is called out, then the participant who has number 15 written on his/her ticket, will get the amount written with it.
  3. If two or more participants have the same number written on their tickets, then the host can either divide the amount or give it to both of them.
  4. Shout out “I am Bold and Beautiful” each time a number is cut.
  5. The game continues till the money is finished.


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