Freedom Fighter Tambola and Game

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TheĀ Freedom Fighter Tambola and Game is a new product by Be Creative. It is a game as well as a tambola. In this category, we shall tell you how to play it as a tambola. This tambola can be played in Republic Day parties, independence day parties and other national events.

In the picture of the product, you will see the several characters related with our freedom struggle. They all have a number and a rupee amount written on them. The host should take out 1000 rupees or so, preferably change, tto distribute the same to the players for the prize.

How to Play:-

  1. The host should call out the numbers like in a normal housie.
  2. If, like number 15 is called out, then the participant who has number 15 written on his/her ticket, will get the amount written with it.
  3. If two or more participants have the same number written on their tickets, then the host can either divide the amount or give it to both of them.
  4. Shout out “Mera Bharat Mahan” each time a number is cut.
  5. The game continues till the money is finished.

This product contains a pack of 20 pieces which can be played as a tambola and a game too. You can see the description of this game in the games category. To customize, contact us.


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