Let’s Party Bonanza Tambola


This product is a special and new product by Be Creative. It can be played in new year theme kitty parties, club parties, casual parties and get-togethers.

This game is a component tambola. It has four components, namely food, dance, drink and attire. Different numbers are assigned to different objects of these components. A component sheet will be given with the tambola to help you out with the numbers and the objects. What we recommend is, you keep the tambola board and numbers with you, take out different numbers, match the number from it’s object from the component sheet, and then shout that object. This will avoid repeated usage of objects from the same components.

This product is only available in a pack of 25 pieces. To customize, contact us.

Call Outs:-

  1. Drink all Night- Shout out when numbers of the drinks component are cut.
  2. Eat till your neck- Shout out when numbers of the food component are cut.
  3. Dress your way- Shout out when numbers of the attire component are cut.
  4. Dance like nobody’s watching-¬†Shout out when numbers of the dance component are cut.


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