Smiley Board Game


Smiley Board Game is a new product by Be Creative which can be played in your smiley or summer theme party.

Objective of the game:-

  • This board consists of 25 images of different emojis.
  • 25 pieces of small boards with emoji description like HAPPY EMOJI , Angry emoji etc. are given with the game
  • The players have to match the emoji pictures with emoji name

How to play:-

  • The players are called one by one
  • The one who does the maximum correct matching in a given time (2-3 min)


Smiley theme is one of the most popular themes for all sort of get- together. Combine it with a Smiley tambola and matching paper game which serves as a Activity game.
Smiley props which are great for selfie clicks and decoration are also available. Envelope stickers for gift favors completes the full theme . A complete entertaining party is presented to the players at a nominal price .
Keep playing.

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