Smiley Matching Game


Smiley Matching Game is a new product by Be Creative which can be played in your smiley or summer theme party.

It serves as an all time game for all family and kitty get-together

Objective of the game :-

  • The game sheet is divided in 100 column with pair of 50 different emojis presented in a mixed format
  • Each column had a number
  • The player had to match the same emoji and write the number of the column in the space below

How to play

  • Each player is served a game sheet
  •  The player who makes the most correct matches in a given period of time, say 1-2 min, is the winner

It comes in a pack of 20 pieces.

Keep playing

Smiley theme is one of the most popular theme for all sort of get- together. Combine it with a Smiley tambola and a board game which serves as a Activity game.
Smiley props which are great for selfie clicks and decoration are also available. Envelope stickers for gift favors completes the full theme . A complete entertaining party is presented to the players at a nominal price .


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