PARTY- It’s Origin!!!

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What is a party?

A party is a gathering of people who have been invited by the host for the purpose of socializing, conversation or recreation. A party generally features food and beverages. Often it includes music and dancing as well. Birthday party, Dinner party, Tea party, Housewarming party, Welcome party, Baby shower parties are to name some of them. Then there are parties to celebrate the special days like: – Public festival – Independence day, Republic
day etc. Country Festival – New year, Holi, Diwali etc. I, in this Blog, am talking about a specific
party called ‘Kitty Party’

 “A get together of a bunch of woman from modern families for socializing, fun and masti.”

 “A get together usually of a house wife where the party is held in one lady’s house or hotel every month. Here one
lady gets the collected sum of money by the system of a draw. This goes until each member of the Kitty host a
party and gets the money. There is lots of gossiping, pomp-show, games, activities and tambola. Food is arranged
by the hostess. It is actually a way of time pass, saving and sense of belonging to a group.”

 “Ladies’ day out, i.e., they enjoy themselves by talking whole lot of nonsense during lunch.”

 “Where rich women spend their illegal money and do gossip on how to save money.”

 A party where men are looted and women thrive.

 “A kitty party is a small change for housewives and working women where they can go away from their routine and hectic schedule.”

 It is a rejuvenating experience for every lady from where she comes out all fresh and active as she likes to be.
These were the opinion of some women about kitties. I would like to give a thought to the yester-yester year when
joint family was a tradition of India. Living together in low-profile with many women was all-day fun. Every small success, happening or festival turned out to be a huge celebration. In spite of working round the clock, women of a joint family always felt rejuvenated at the end of the day. The changing values and the advent of singular family created a void in the life of women. She nearly cracked with her multitasking at the day’s end. Her search for escape from the present role must have given birth to a ‘KITTY PARTY’.


Forming small groups basically started for gossiping, back biting and having a heart full laugh along with enjoying food in the long evening was given the name of kitty party. Money collection was the integral part so as to continue the process. Some small games helped the women to escape the present. As change is the key of progress- Today, a Kitty Party has come a long way. Nobody wants to criticize their in-laws and gossip uselessly. Ladies’ want a positive leisure time for them with a properly formulated Kitty including a proper invitation assorted games, a tambola and return gifts. Today theme parties are the in thing and effort is made to make Kitty Party an enjoyable and unforgettable event. So select a theme with the proper ambiance, invitations, tambola, games and gifts properly formulated and watching the ladies captivated in an escape mode. This is all we say a theme Kitty Party is all about.

BUT, your chance to throw a theme Kitty Party and along with the excitement arises many question?????
Which theme to choose?
What about Decoration?
How to make the theme Tambola tickets?
What games to choose from?
What about the theme gift favours?

  And off a course the challenge to prove the best amongst the friends is always there. So if my experience in
planning, throwing and attending a theme Kitty Party which I pen in this and the next few blogs, help you a bit, then the purpose of these blogs will be achieved.

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